Gordie Adams hosts a podcast with his intrepid co-host Paul Bertolino. Along the way, special guests will show up covering such things as music, comic books, movies, memories and whatever else comes out. Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle are included in the same feed. Join us.
Episode 78 - A Mono Cover Is Aways Better!

Gordie and Paul get together on St. Patricks Day to discuss the year 1978 and the beginnings of record collecting. Paul fulfills a 20 year quest, tells Monkee stories and drops a major KATE BUSH bomb. Gordie gets around KISS restriction and watches some more documentaries.  VAN HALEN, DIRE STRAITS, THE POLICE, BONO, RAMONES, GREASE & SGT. PEPPERS SOUNDTRACKS, SHAUN CASSIDY, MIDNIGHT OIL, QUEEN, BRIAN MAY,GEORGE HARRISON, JOHN LENNON, MAY PANG, MIKE NESMITH, THE FILLMORE EAST, RUSH and decoupage.

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