Gordie Adams hosts a podcast with his intrepid co-host Paul Bertolino. Along the way, special guests will show up covering such things as music, comic books, movies, memories and whatever else comes out. Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle are included in the same feed. Join us.

Paul Bertolino joins me once again on the first official GordCast. 
We mourn the death of the mighty Ron Asheton, debate the true talents of Elvis and Sinatra. Gordie admits that Janis Joplin eventually won his heart and wonder of wonders       ...we talk about KISS.

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  • Another enjoyable conversation. We have vastly different musical tastes, but I still enjoy your podcasts, especially the reminiscences of the 70\'s and \'80s. Keep it up!!

    posted by: Teressa Morris on 2009-01-10 13:35:00

  • Very enjoyable, though I don\'t believe for one second either one of you didn\'t know Billy Ray Cyrus\'s name right off of the top of your heads!

    posted by: Bridget on 2009-01-11 22:02:00

  • Every episode brings more, uh...surprises! Yea, that\'s the ticket !

    posted by: Christopher on 2010-04-09 14:59:00

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