Gordie Adams hosts a podcast with his intrepid co-host Paul Bertolino. Along the way, special guests will show up covering such things as music, comic books, movies, memories and whatever else comes out. Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle are included in the same feed. Join us.
Gordcast Episode 15 - Fresh Princes of Bel-Aire! Gordie and Paul meet up in Napa once again, this time touring the lovely Bel-Aire neighborhood.  They start out lounging on the grass at Bel-Aire Elementary school and end up on Yuppie-watch outside a nearby Peet's coffee.  We learn of grade school crushes and fave Monkees tunes. Gordie joins the Cussing Club, Paul has some trouble getting a library card and both reveal their past lives of crime.  Do NOT leave these men alone with your valuables!
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  • Last Train to Clarksville, I am not sure why, but I remember that channel 44 had the Monkees on in the summer! Good old channel 44.

    posted by: Biggest Fan/Stalker on 2009-08-05 23:32:00

  • Daydream Believer... it ALWAYS got stuck in my head... but I really liked having it stuck in there so... there ya go. Daydream Believer... Whoot.

    posted by: AutumnDawn on 2009-08-04 18:57:00

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