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Gordie Adams hosts a podcast with his intrepid co-host Paul Bertolino. Along the way, special guests will show up covering such things as music, comic books, movies, memories and whatever else comes out. Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle are included in the same feed. Join us.

Gordie likes rippin’ guitar and invites you behind the scenes of The Shuffle

Paul loses a record to the wind and gets creeped out by The Partridge Family

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Gordie levitates at the Great American Music Hall and his post master hips him to some good music

Paul takes a rare school bus ride and his aunt hips him to some good music

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Gordie preps for Broadway and digs one of his favorite bands from the balcony sweet spot.

13 year-old Paul rides his bike at midnight to hang in a dark back alley and eventually figures out what those adults were on about.

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Gordie finds happiness courtesy of a bunch of Canadians and invites our listeners to join him in a virtual educational excursion. 

Paul parties in the pool and watches the Patty Duke show with his family in a Manteca, California hotel room.

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Gordie is overdue for a luau and misses the earliest rumblings of a televised revolution because the sound was down.

Paul reveals his favorite lyricists and hits the sack with the British Joni Mitchell.

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Episode 61 - Happy  Life Day!

It's Pauls birthday so we sit down and talk for another rollicking GORDCAST. Paul does a little record shopping (shocking!) that leads to THE WHO's - QUADROPHENIA boxset. JETHRO TULL, ELTON JOHN, ROB ZOMBIE, JOHN LENNON and DIMEBAG DARRELL all show up too. Gordie checks out the temporary ice rink in downtown Napa and gives a postal update. The real gem of the night is talking about THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL from 1978, after being reminded of it from the EOC SKYPE N' DRAW night. (Featuring an excerpt from that conversation)

We close out with feelings of this time of year and unfortunately, black Friday madness.

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Episode 52 - Jordan Goes To The San Diego Comic-Con!

JORDAN PHEGLEY joins Gordie from Happy Valley OR. We begin our conversation with tales from Jordan's SAN DIEGO COMIC CON experience and then ramble around from topic to topic. Comic related Podcasts, STAN SAKAI, RICHARD STARKINGS, SF WONDERCON, EMERALD CITY CON, DCU ONLINE, 80's cartoons come to life, CAPTAIN AMERICA and GREEN LANTERN movies, POTA, DC REBOOT, DOCTOR WHO, TOM BAKER, MONARCH OF THE GLEN, ZEN, EOC SKETCH CHALLENGE and AMY WINEHOUSE. This one is nerdtacular.

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Episode 0 - Gordcast Prequel!

The rare and seldom heard first stab at podcasting by Gordie Adams and Paul Bertolino from DEC 2008.

Paul works with Gordies dad at the Post Office, hanging out at LOONEY TUNES, early FACEBOOK days, MYSPACE going away, NAPA talk, TRADE FAIR and PETER CETERAS vision of the future. Shopping music, PORCUPINE TREE, LED ZEPPELIN is forever for teenagers,  METAL SHREDDING, ALICE COOPER, AC/DC, METALLICA, THE DOORS, GUNS 'N ROSES, lunch pail collecting and of course...   KISS!

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Episode 49 - Born With A Moustache!

In between talking about allergies and the weather, we manage to wedge in mostly music talk. *INCLUDING A QUITE GRAPHIC JIMI HENDRIX SEX STORY.*  We earn the explicit tag this episode.

Paul reads STEVEN TYLER'S biography, is planning on KEITH RICHARD'S next and Gordie will read it together for book club.


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Episode 46 - Two Princes!

No this is not an all Spin Doctors podcast.

Gordie gets a haircut and Paul hasn't paid for one in years.  Paul meets ICE T and becomes a fan. We talk first about PRINCE completely blowing our minds, then fit in the Royal wedding, Rebecca Black, Justin Beiber, Gordies old kitchen cabinets and a shout out to one of the Gordcast faithful.  Cheers!

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