Gordcast (podcasts)
Gordie Adams hosts a podcast with his intrepid co-host Paul Bertolino. Along the way, special guests will show up covering such things as music, comic books, movies, memories and whatever else comes out. Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle are included in the same feed. Join us.
Episode 66 - Skirting The Edge Of Pretentiousness!

This episode, Paul is reading Please Kill Me by NY punk, LEGS MCNEIL and Gordie gets ready for C2E2. Paul plays a show and Gordie goes to a couple of shows.  Paul tell of how he met Crystal and Gordie makes friends with a BEAN. CREEM MAG, MARC BOLAN, DAVID BOWIE, IGGY POP, MOTLEY CRUE, GNR, PCP, THE UPPER CRUST RADIOHEAD, THE PIXIES, VELVET UNDERGHROUND, AMBROSIA, SCOPITONES PORCUPINE TREE, STEVEN WILSON, NICK BEGGS and THE SHAGGS all show up.

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Episode 65 - A Different Strokes Kind Of Truth!

This long delayed episode is so long that it took two weeks to edit.

Gordie and Paul finally get around to hundreds of topics, including: The new VAN HALEN and their recent show at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN and the bulk of the episode is about our dear, departed mentor - Harlan Briedenbach. Harlan was the owner of LOONEY TUNES records, the legendary used record store in NAPA, who brought counter-culture and musical awareness in the seventies. Paul goes to RANDEMONIUM and the MUSEUM OF MOVING IMAGE in NY and Gordie recommends BEING ELMO and reveals his new favorite LP ever.


One hour and 40 minutes this episode to make up for the abscence. Use the pause button at your convenience.

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Episode 64 - Something Is Awry In The Bodega!

Paul and Gordie are joined by Julie McKim again, and we talk  about living in New York, the movie going experience, sports and Julie correctly identifies the NY YANKEES colors, even though Gordie doth protest. VAN HALEN, JETHRO TULL, ERIC JOHNSON, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, THE MUPPET MOVIES, BATMAN, CORVETTE SUMMER, LASERBLAST, THE 49ERS and THE NY GIANTS all show up.

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Episode 63 - Really Don't Mind, If You Sit This One Out!

Gordie and Paul would like to discuss the Van Halen show streaming live, but don't get to do so. Jam packed first show of the year with: TOM DEMPSEY, TOM BELAND, THE BWANA DEVILS, SF UNSCENE, ALICE COOPER, WEIRD AL, STEVEN TYLER, THE FOUR SEASONS, THE FOUR TOPS, VAN HALEN, THE YARDBIRDS, JETHRO TULL, THE SCORPIONS, BANKSY, LIV TYLER, TORI SPELLING, HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE, MEGO  and what you would do if you had a time travelling machine.

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Paul and Gordie celebrate Boxing Day the old fashioned way, with fifths of scotch and Christmas stories aplenty.

Paul receives many unexpected packages and Gordie gets a great package from the EOC Holiday Exchange, filled with the smell of old comics and autographs. Gordie has found a new vocabulary hiccup and talks PROG. Paul is a great sleeper and doesn't know that WILLIE AMES is now THE BIBLEMAN.  SPACE 1999, FRANK ZAPPA, DWEEZIL ZAPPA, ALICE COOPER, TWISTED FUCKING SISTER, LITA FORD, Y & T, CHEAP TRICK, BLITZEN TRAPPER, PUGWASH, NRBQ, THE MUFFS and REDD KROSS all show up too.

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Episode 60 - Professional Diaper Chaser!

NATHAN ALFARO joins Paul and Gordie for a three coast meet up. We begin with the weather, a GORDCAST opening songs re-cap and head onto music matters. REM, PRINCE, BWANA DEVILS and the never before told story of an unreported MONKEES reunion at PAUL WILLIAMS house. Nathan goes sailing and we mull over the VAN HALEN reunion, BLACK SABBATH O.G. style and how cool PETER BUCK is. We cap it off with some movie talk and pledge to do more Gordcasts.

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Episode 59 - As Nature Intended!

An impromptu Gordcast rises from a sound check run through. Paul works with Photoshop and Gordie likes Curves, leading to learning riffs with KISS, from the Destroyer sessions. Gordie sends cryptic texts to Paul, which leads to not watching a documentary and much talk of Record Stores and how Comic Shops also leave you feeling pleasant. ABSOLUTELY SANE JOHNS, LOONEY TOONS, THE SMALL FACES, BEATLES COMIC BOOKS, TRAGEDY, LEO SLAYER, XANADUDES AND R.E.M. are all covered. Gordie explains the howthe POST OFFICE works around the holidays and Paul plans Thanksgiving.

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Episode 58 - Let The Tooth Be Told!

Gordie is on meds from having a tooth pulled and Paul meets ACE FREHLEY and gives a Halloween update. Gordie listens to Rap music at WALKER RYANS PRO PARTY and gives glaring omissions from the DEBUT ALBUM episode. Naked people, MARILLION, ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINK, TOM JONES, JEFF BECK, BECK, OASIS, ROCKPILE, DAVE EDMUNDS, NICK LOWE, BRIAN WILSON, SPOTIFY and BIG COUNTRY come up.

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Episode 57 - Cocktober!

Gordie and Paul talk about the occupy Wall Street revolution and HALLOWEEN! PHIL COSTELLO punches a guy, Paul gets claustrophobic in the crowd and defends JOHN COUGAR MELLEN-BLARP. We discuss ROGER DALTREY touring TOMMY live, take a few detours and settle in on HALLOWEEN memories and some of our costumes over the years. Gordie likes WONDERFUL WEBLOG (http://wonderfulwonderblog.blogspot.com) and gets his candy stolen. They both saw VAN HALEN when BTO opened for them, Paul has a job and Gordie sings a little.

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Episode 56 - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About DAVID PRICE* (*...But Were Afraid to Ask)

Gordie goes on a nerd blind date with DAVID PRICE from Eleven O' Clock Comics. If you don't like Gordie's voice, this is the one for you. Who knew DAVID could talk non-stop for two hours straight! David tells us about every town he's lived in, how he met RENEE and meeting knuckleheads at comic cons that lead to podcast empires. We both root for the bull, have animal empathy and are oblivious to bi-racial relationship condemnation and sideways glances.  David says he will come back to another GORDCAST for an actual back and forth conversation and Gordie heads to A.P.E.  Another loooong episode, so enjoy!

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