Now in it's XXth? year, Gordie Adams' Gordcast covers music, comic books, movies, television, memories, nostalgia, current events and whatever else comes up in conversations with friends and sometimes in an informal interview with someone Gordie wants to know more about. Fellow aficionado Paul Bertolino joined as co-host of the Gordcast for the majority of episodes and along the way, Gordie welcomed a roster of special guests. After a hiatus he is back and invites you to hang out with the Gordcast for entertaining conversation and good company. Join us and have fun! Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle (wherein Gordie and Paul each gave three random spins to their vast music collections and talk in wonderful detail about the songs that show-up) are included in the same feed.

Gordie schools Paul on an important figure in the Temperance Movement.

Paul schools a young roommate on important figures in the Boston Rock Movement.

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GORDCAST 93 - Buh Bye Spaceboy!

Gordie and Paul set out to record a shuffle and end up simply discussing Bowie for 40 minutes, so here's a new regular old-school Gordcast episode. New shuffle next week!

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