Now in it's XXth? year, Gordie Adams' Gordcast covers music, comic books, movies, television, memories, nostalgia, current events and whatever else comes up in conversations with friends and sometimes in an informal interview with someone Gordie wants to know more about. Fellow aficionado Paul Bertolino joined as co-host of the Gordcast for the majority of episodes and along the way, Gordie welcomed a roster of special guests. After a hiatus he is back and invites you to hang out with the Gordcast for entertaining conversation and good company. Join us and have fun! Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle (wherein Gordie and Paul each gave three random spins to their vast music collections and talk in wonderful detail about the songs that show-up) are included in the same feed.

"One Last Trick?"

BRETT, AUDRA & GORDIE are finished with the podcast, but have become friends even though the whole thing was just a joke!

This episode has it all. Impressions, singing, fencing, backwards aura control, THREE'S COMPANY, THE OMEGA MAN, FRIENDS, blooper reels, good deaths, rhyming, RICK BAKER, EXCALIBUR (..duh), sequels and the episode finishes with the origin of COUNT FINK!

Thanks to all for listening and spread the ZARDOZ word everywhere you go!

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AUDRA, BRETT and GORDIE are trapped in a crystal, yet seem to be able to stay inside ZED's aura. Audra wonders if BRETT is okay while welcoming back ARTHUR/ZARDOZ/ NIALL BUGGY as he chews up the theater and does magic tricks. Lots of JAMES BOND talk, tabernacle acting, Isadora Duncan, Comic book ads, philosophical babble, Crystal radios and cardboard submarines, as we head toward the final episode next week.

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GORDIE, AUDRA and BRETT are just trying to figure out their own complexities, while ZARDOZ in' around.

We start off with lots of TOPPS trading card talk (...who saw that comin?) notice that things are getting weird, discuss what droplets of macho are, practical effects, BOND opening credits, real sci-fi and stained glass from the seventies. ENJOY the show!

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GORDIE, AUDRA and BRETT are learning to read, just like ZED!

GORDIE is really tired after working a long day, but BRETT and AUDRA  are here to pick up the slack. Gordie knows art, Audra tosses out more gnostic concepts and Brett doesn't have a joke prepared, but comes through with the hilarity eventually.

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GORDIE, AUDRA and BRETT are deep in the middle of ZED time! 

We start out being nostalgic of 70s Italian restaurants, mad scientists, RENEGADES, SECOND LEVEL MEDITATION, gratitude that we're not covering this MINUTE BY MINUTE, mid-western PROG, more VORTEX TRAVELOGUE, ZED PANTOMIME, FRIEND's sentence and the cliff-hanger ending of this 12 minutes.

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GORDIE, BRETT and AUDRA are back this week, but will not meditate at level 2.  MONSTER learns about the VORTEX penal system, meets THE RENEGADES and THE APATHETICS, who get tossed around in The VORTEX PUB, more trials and guess what? we talk about EXCALIBUR.  BRETT begins the VORTEX TOUR TRAVELOGUE and GORDIE continues to drop in the best song clips ever and we get deep, deep into the philosophy that surrounds ZARDOZ.

Thanks again for joining us!

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GORDIE, BRETT and AUDRA are spending time in the TABERNACLE and wandering around THE VORTEX for Episode 3!

ZED/MONSTER/IT is treated like livestock, we get to know FRIEND, while everyone else gestures and votes, have some lunch and literally break bread, attend trials via SIRI, jump into mirror pyramids and so much more. Enjoy all that the Vortex has to offer.

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GORDIE, BRETT and AUDRA are back in The Vortex for Episode 2 and the next 12 minutes of ZARDOZ!

We check out Arthur Freynd's bohemian apartment, the invention of SIRI, start seeing what The Vortex is all about, Immortals, casual nudity, the English Countryside, EXCALIBUR, Freckles, mind-probe exposition and oh so much more!

Thanks for listening!


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GORDIE ADAMS hosts his own take on the MOVIES BY MINUTE movement, but instead of breaking down JOHN BOORMAN'S ZARDOZ, one minute at a time, he and his co-hosts BRETT STILLO and AUDRA WOLFMAN break it down a dozen minutes at a time, while getting to know each other through the beauty of podcasting.

If you already know ZARDOZ, you're ready and willing. If not, watch it, join us and judge for yourself how awesome, absurd and iconic this great film from 1974 is still worth watching.

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THEA GILIEN is back to the Gordcast for a re-vamped and fun filled conversation during the pandemic. Gordie gets the scoop and how and what made THE POLICE her band of choice as a teenager, pizza, and her own podcast THE PODCAST REVIEW SHOW, along with tons more!

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GORDIE finally chats with MATT BURDEN from London-esque England!  After being nerd friends since 2011, we get to know each other and figure out why we are who we are. This is a good loooooong one.

LOTS of comic book talk for the first hour and then we move on to Film, hockey, the G-word, wrestling, meeting comic book heroes, wearing baseball caps, touring the seaside, BRUCE DICKINSON, IRON MAIDEN, PITTSBURGH PENGUINS, BOSTON BRUINS, ELEVEN O'CLOCK COMICS, AROUND COMICS, JUDGE DREDD, Watchmen Guy, ALAN WAGNER, BRIAN BOLLAND, DOCTOR WHO and sooooo much more.

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