Now in it's XXth? year, Gordie Adams' Gordcast covers music, comic books, movies, television, memories, nostalgia, current events and whatever else comes up in conversations with friends and sometimes in an informal interview with someone Gordie wants to know more about. Fellow aficionado Paul Bertolino joined as co-host of the Gordcast for the majority of episodes and along the way, Gordie welcomed a roster of special guests. After a hiatus he is back and invites you to hang out with the Gordcast for entertaining conversation and good company. Join us and have fun! Bonus episodes of The Gordcast Shuffle (wherein Gordie and Paul each gave three random spins to their vast music collections and talk in wonderful detail about the songs that show-up) are included in the same feed.

GORDCAST has reached episode 100 and THEA GILIEN has played the long con to take over the podcast. Gordie is in the hot seat and we mostly talk about the history and origins of the podcast, while finding other fun things to talk about. The history of the whys and the  reasons, the value of conserving conversations and what's next.

Listen after the end for a quick snippet of the very first episode.

I thank all the "fans" and guests who sidled up to the microphone and were a part of me podcast.   Paul Bertolino, Bridget Settlemyer, Tom Beland, Chris Neseman, David Price, Doug Cuffman, John Siuntres, Brent Ratkovitch, Nathan Alfaro, Tony Rabin, Jordan Phegley, Geoff Ellsworth, Ruth Adams, Kirsten Adams, Julie McKim, Adam Sullivan, Mike Caceres, Ty Domke, Pat Francis, Bill Zanowitz, Jeff Blumer, Seth Dominick, Brett Stillo, Audra Wolfman and Brian Nash.

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"One Last Trick?"

BRETT, AUDRA & GORDIE are finished with the podcast, but have become friends even though the whole thing was just a joke!

This episode has it all. Impressions, singing, fencing, backwards aura control, THREE'S COMPANY, THE OMEGA MAN, FRIENDS, blooper reels, good deaths, rhyming, RICK BAKER, EXCALIBUR (..duh), sequels and the episode finishes with the origin of COUNT FINK!

Thanks to all for listening and spread the ZARDOZ word everywhere you go!

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